Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Last night the sky was threatening rain all night, but the massive storms blew South of us. It’s too bad, because Amber and I were hoping really hard for a good rain. I think we’ve both been in that mood lately. The mood where you want the sky to open up and wash everything clean. To hear the massive power of a storm outside your window and know that God is that powerful, but to also realize that you are safe wrapped up in your blanket on the cozy couch, just watching the wind whip around the trees and electric wires. In hopeful anticipation we ran up to our amazing attic view hoping to see the black clouds on the horizon brining us the storm we so yearned for. What we saw instead was an amazing sunset broken up by rooftops and the Dayton skyline. Dark clouds above and below, orange/white/blue sky in between…words and pics I hope to post tonight don’t nearly do it justice. God’s painting just pulled us in, transfixed us. I love it when He does that.

Lately God has been taking a lot of what I know…about situations, about myself (and how I react), about life, about Him…. and laying them out in front of me. Bare. Ugly. Complicated. Things I didn’t know were that way until now. Forcing me to take a long hard look and decide if that’s the way I really want them to go. If that is how they should be. If I’m taking things too much into my own hands- saying I’ve given it to God but really holding onto things and doing them my way. Maybe I need a hurricane to go through all of me to blow things around inside of me and let them settle the way God wants them to. Lord, I need You to be that storm for me.

I felt the
Faint trace of thunder
Rattle this old house
I saw the fire light the sky
But there's no sign of rain anywhere

Hurricane by Mindy Smith

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Scott said...

Wow, I feel the same way. I think my move might be that looming hurricane. I feel that I'm transitioning into a lighter period in my life; climbing that spiritual mountain after being in the valley for a while. I don't know if you've prayed for me, but if you have, thank you!

Usually when I talk about the sky as God's painting, people just stand there. Nice to see that someone else has a similar perspective.

I can't wait to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi it's Amy.

That pic was most definitely taken from your attic...I know that view! :-) I got pics of that same sunset from Delco park...remind me and I'll send you the ofoto link. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is Melissa, posting "anonymously" because Blogger is dumb. = )

Another song that makes me think this way is Patty Griffin's "Forgiveness." Beautiful, beautiful song that makes me think of hardships endured. Go Here and click on Forgiveness to read lyricsMelis