Tuesday, July 06, 2004

That Voice.

Lately, something has been troubling me. Running through my mind at breakneck speed and I wanted it to stop. So what did I do about it? The human thing, of course…went straight to a few of my trusted, closest friends and asked their opinions and advice on it. Did that stop the rampant thinking, pondering, ‘what-if’ing in my mind? Of course not.

So today I was taking my afternoon stroll around the lake to break up my office-laden day and I automatically began to talk to my Heavenly Daddy about it. Just pouring out my concerns, telling Him what was perplexing me. And guess what? He answered me. Not out loud in the thunder, not through a preacher, but in that still, small voice we too often don’t give ourselves the time to hear. He reminded me of a verse I had memorized awhile ago. The words and promise in that specific verse brought me great comfort. I just thanked Him right out loud as I walked past the geese eating the grass and continued on my walk with a big ole’ smile plastered across my face.

This little experience did two things for me:

1) Reminded me that I need to take my cares and concerns to Him, first. Because He cares about every little thing that goes on in my life.

2) Convicted me of the importance of memorizing Scripture. Who knows when He’ll want to remind me of His promises next, and it is up to me to hide them in my heart.

2 whatevers:

Scott said...

How simple, and yet how very profound. Those to whom these truths are revealed are wise indeed. Thank you, Jesus, for showing us the way, and for being the Way!

Anonymous said...

hey its bork, thanks for the comment, this is a fun site! it was rad meeting you and hopefully next time i come down i can actually make it for another great episode of apex...cause i had to leave before it this time haha.