Tuesday, August 24, 2004

No Time to Spare

Sorry about my lack of verbage on here..... THIS has been occupying most of my time. Yep, Shannon & Dave's new place is on it's way to being liveable =o) It's been sooo worth it! And last night God brought along a really great guy to help out at just the right time. Very knowledgable and helpful...thanks, Josh!

But I still made time for a little not-so-manual labor this weekend. Amber and I had a 'date night' on Saturday. We went to our favorite little special-occasion (read: not a place to go just any ole time) restauruant....Thai 9. (Really, it's become one of our favorite local haunts) We had a splediferous time talking about all the important things as we shielded our eyes from the warming sun while we ate on the patio. It couldn't have been a more perfect late-summer evening, custom ordered for us two kindered spirits. And what better after a satisfying, but not over-satisfying ethnic dinner? SOMETHING SWEET! So I introduced Amber to Ritters Frozen Custard for her very first time...just see the enjoyment on our faces =o)

Sunday was a morning full of hugging and comforting and making little ones giggle as I served in our over-packed nursery. Ya gotta love those cutie pies...even when you can't get em to stop screaming. Do you ever just feel like you need a hug, a squeeze from someone that means something...someone who needs you or you know cares? Well, working with the babies is the perfect cure for that...cuz they will clutch on to you and not want you to put them down in exchange for the other sweetie whining in the jumpy seat for your attention. That is, until mom comes to pick them up at the door....heh

And my small All I can say is God sure did hand-pick this group of women to come togther for this brief summer group. I have grown, been challenged, had a laugh or two, and heard many different bits of wisdom from women age 16-65 or so. I love the broad range of age and experience that can be shared, I wish it for all of you. Oh, and we always end on a sweet note...this week was my turn to bring the dessert ;o)

And can I just send a shout-out to my roomie....she never ceases to surprise me! This weekend not only did she vacuum my room while I was out....she gave my ever-licking doggie a bath! Yeah, she's a keeper....

As for this week...starting off with car issues. Yep. My 97 Cavalier isn't what she used to be. Not sure if I wanna put the $$ into it, or just run her till she quits. Oh, the big decisions in life. Well, this is the biggest right now for me anyways...

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great weekend... glad to hear that. :) as for my project... the floor is done! it'll have new furniture on it tomorrow morning. :) its trim painting time tonight, i think.

remind me sometime to tell you how stinking cool my weekend was. (preferably while i am still excited about it, and haven't forgotten why its fun to talk about) :) though i'm thinking maybe it wasn't quite as cool as yours.

have a nice day


Anonymous said...

hi kristi!

i was looking at your picture with amber at ritters and i so missed you guys! aaaawww! =) love you!

your far-awary-roomie-sailor-girl,