Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Make new friends, but keep the old….one is silver and the other gold.

So the old Girl Scout song goes. But it rings with truth. Friends and their circles seem to be ever revolving. And before you know it, it’s been months since you’ve actually sat down and had a good ole’ heart-to-heart with a kindred spirit. Well, these past few days have unexpectedly been a balm to that bittersweet fact. Last night I got to hang out with gals Gina (and her fiancé, Bigg Mike Dee) and Meg for some major catching up and good conversation- and I can’t leave out the chunk of time devoted to figuring out Meg’s new decorating scheme for the living room ;o) Then this morning I had the privelege of eating an early breakfast at the Golden Nuggett House of Pancakes with my friend Mike McSwegin. Seems like we actually get together once a year…yep, that seems to be the pattern. LOL. So this was it. See ya next year, buddy. (just kiddin’, of course….you know I’m always up for being an honorary roadie whenever your band travels). I wonder what other catch-up times are around the corner….they are always welcomed, cuz yes…YOU are gold =o)

Wow, this weekend is already filling up… DOES this happen? Fri night I’m already torn between helping out with the bonfire that my roomie and I have been talking about for weeks, and wanting to make an appearance at the night of praise at Joe’s Java where Phil and Joel will be playing. And then on Saturday Brian and Mairsa are having a shindig at their place which is bound to be a good ole time. Then Sunday rolls around and it’s KidsTown, Apex, and my awesome small group. Is a weekend really supposed to be relaxing? Hmm……. You tell me =o)

But for right now, it’s only Tuesday… (and I'm off to research and purchase a vacuum cleaner that successfully picks up all the dog hair that our wonderful companions leave on our carpet. Wish me luck.)

4 whatevers:

Scott said...

I hope you get a vacuum cleaner that really sucks!

Anonymous said...

ahhh... the vacuum.... hope it works as well as you've been dreaming... i'm umm excited for you.... just still bummed the link didn't work ;)

have a nice day


alisa beth said...

You know the second verse???

A circle is round, it has no end. That's how long I want to be your friend!

Yay Girl Scouts, nice vaccuum cleaners, and old friendships.

AmyLea said...

Your weekend looks like MY weekend. :-) Amazing how that works out, isn't it? :-)