Friday, September 10, 2004


I think one of my favorite things is
waking up to a morning laden with heavy fog =o)

4 whatevers:

Scott said...

I agree! I love this time of year!

AmyLea said...

I loved it this morning too; my favorite part was looking into the sunlight and seeing the tiny tiny water drops in the water, but not being able to feel them....

Kristi said...

I think this time of year and Spring are my favorites. No extremes...just something transforming into smomething new....but isn't it always?

Fog. Mist. Makes me want to walk out in the midst of it and take whimsical pictures. Anyone wanna join me on the next foggy morn'?

Anonymous said...

totally agree. you would have loved the morning i woke up in rocky mountain national park last week. in addition to the six elk wandering around my campsite there was a thick fog at the bottom of the mountain. i was riding the bike through there just in awe of the fog rising off grand lake to my left and the mountains towering above it. didn't get any "whimsical pictures" though.... it was 35 degrees, and on my bike that felt way too cold to be stopping and try and work a camera... besides, my hands were to frozen to push the buttons.

have a nice day