Sunday, September 05, 2004

No Labor on this day...

Yep, I'm still hanging out with my family for the holiday weekend (Yay, no work on Monday!) But here's something to tide you over...

GO here here and listen to the MP3 Rarity of the Month. Let me know what you think ;o)

3 whatevers:

AmyLea said...

Yaya, so glad you had a good weekend away!

Scott said...

Well, that was an interesting song! I'm glad they had other MP3's so I can finally check out this band you like so much. Thanks for checking in on your fans! We miss you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi Brooke,
i'm glad you had fun in DuBois,
i'm so glad you could come home last
weekend! how awesome was that? i miss ya
when you're gone in O HI O haha. ( i get that
song now lol) Tell Aspen i said hi
heehee and give her a kiss for's
kinda strange to no longer feel her fuzzy paws
on my head when i'm sleeping or her slobbery
tongue on my face...where i don't like it heehee
she's lovable though and i miss her!
Just not as much as i miss you! well i'm praying for ya
and i hope you have a super week! luv ya babe
your sis,