Monday, August 30, 2004


This weekend Aspen and I drove home to Erie, PA to visit the family before their school year bogs them down again. It just so happens that their church was having a Luau Party the same weekend I was coming home, and everyone couldn’t be more excited that I was going to be home to go. Here is picture for your enjoyment..yep, that’s the WHOLE Gleason Gang! Dad and all his ladies ;o)

It was a very refreshing time at home, catching up, resting up, and just strengthening those family ties a bit more. Being 5 hours away sure does make a difference. I’m so thankful for my family an the legacy my Dad has left with each of us. He is such a man of God and my greatest example of living a life of Faith. Oh, yeah…they also SPOIL my dog every time I bring her home….but that’s okay…at least no one can ever say she isn’t loved. See, they even included her in the Hawiian festivities…

I’m sure you’ve seen those various cast/fiberglass/whatever animals that are set around various cities that businesses or organizations can purchase and decorate accordingly….Cincinnati had pigs, last year Erie had fish... but THIS year, Erie had FROGS! If you know me, you also know of my affection for these hoppity amphibians (did I just say affection for frogs????) So in my whirlwind of a weekend Dad made sure I got the chance to head downtown Erie to see them. Isn’t he so sweet? Some were extremely creative…and it was fun posing with some of them. My sisters and I always have a great time when we’re together…..

Now, back to the grind. This coming weekend I head to DuBois, PA to see my mom and stepdad for the holiday weekend. Yep, you’ve got that right, I DO travel quite often….

Enjoy your week!

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AmyLea said...

That looks like so much fun...I knew I got that lei for a reason. :-)

Anonymous said...

well i guess i could have just checked here to see how the weekend was.... glad it was such great family time and everything. :)

have a nice day