Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I got my sticker!

Yep, it's done. I got up early and walked to my precinct to cast my vote. The line weren't too bad at all, but the organization in there was horrible. There were 4 different areas set up in the gym to vote according to where you live. But no one was telling anyone which was wich, and the signs that had D12, I8, etc were pretty much invisible on the tables in front of the lines. Some poor souls even stood through one line only to be told that they needed to be in the longer one accross the gym. I guess the radio is even talking about the long lines and confusion at the polls.

Well...I'm done and proudly displaying my "I Voted Today" sticker on my shirt....where's yours? Oh, you haven't voted yet? GET OUT THERE!!!!

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Joel said...

Been there, done that, Got the sticker!

Long lines for sure. Took me 25 min today to vote...normally i'm in and out in 5 min. Felt good to go and just get it over with. If only we'll know by the end of next week who are next pres will be.