Monday, November 15, 2004

We never forget

Hmmm...ever since I watched the movie Super Size Me, I have vowed ne'er a fatty french fry would cross my lips. This boss walks in with a bag full of Wendy's goodnes, and the unmistakeable aroma (can I call it 'aroma'?) wafts through our office. My nose perks up and I begin to crave a french fry! Oh, how our bodies are weak...they never forget the matter how much giving in would be to our detriment.

It reminds me of how weak our human natures are, too. They never forget the 'taste' of what has been. What am I putting before me, in my path, submitting myself to that will cause my sinful nature the upper hand for a moment...perhaps enough to give in? What are you allowing before yourself?

2 whatevers:

Joel said...

Ahh...yes. The smell of temptation. Since seeing Supersize Me (about 3 wks ago), I have not eaten at fast food joint, but unfortnately I did break the vow on french fries. I ate a plate of fries from Steak 'n Shake (around 2 am w/ the band), and twice at Red Robin (which I trust are a little more wholesome).

But I digress, the fact is you have a very valid point. Kind of like microwaveable popcorn. It smells so good when someone walks down the hall, but in your mind you know that it doesn't taste nearly as good, but your taste buds are dripping. Sin is a lot like that. You know that it won't be that good and regret will follow, but the struggle is there nonetheless.

I've managed to conquer the microwave popcorn based on the rationale that it doesn't taste that good. Maybe just maybe I can relate that to the next temptation!

Scott said...

Very true, very true! I have retreated to that passage in Romans over and over and over since my teenage years. I'm so glad for the honesty of Paul and David about their weaknesses. They teach me that we are going to fail, but that sin is not ok and there is a way out and a greater meaning in each part of life.