Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Cosmic Christmas

We know the Christmas characters well: the singing angels, the simple teenage girl, the surprised carpenter…

We know the Christmas story so well: journey to Bethlehem. No room. Stable. Shepherds. Star. Hosts of angels. Wise men…

But do we know all the characters? Do we know the whole story? What about the hidden happenings that might have led to the Saviors birth? Was the arrival of Jesus a quietly profound event? Or could it have been the result of heavenly battles, angel armies, and a scheming Satan?

Envision a confrontation in heaven between the King of creation and the rebellious Satan. Threats. Challenges. A gauntlet laid on the floor of the sky. And then the passage from heaven to earth- There was a war in heaven the Bible states in Revelation 12:7. Angels battling Satans armies as they transport the essence of heaven itself.


Just the sound of my Kings voice stirred my heart. I left my post at the entryway and stepped into the throne room. To my left was the desk on which sat the Book of Life. Ahead of me was the throne of Almighty God. I entered the circle of unceasing Light, folded my wings before me to cover my face, and knelt before Him. "Yes, my Lord?"

"You have served the kingdom well. You are a noble messenger. Never have you flinched in duty. Never have you flagged in zeal."

I bowed my head, basking in the words. "Whatever You ask, Ill do a thousand times over, my King." I promised.

"Of that I have no doubt, dear messenger." His voice assumed a solemnity I'd never heard Him use. "But your greatest work lies ahead of you. Your next assignment is to carry a gift to Earth. Behold."

I lifted my eyes to see a necklace- a clear vial on a golden chain- dangling from His extended hand.

My Father spoke earnestly, "Though empty, this vial will soon contain My greatest gift. Place it around your neck."

I was about to take it when a raspy voice interrupted me. "And what treasure will You send to Earth this time?"

My back stiffened at the irreverent tone, and my stomach turned at the sudden stench. Such foul odor could only come from one being. I drew my sword and turned to do battle with Lucifer. The Fathers hand on my shoulder stopped me.

"Worry not, Gabriel. He will do no harm."

I stepped back and stared at Gods enemy. He was completely covered. A black cassock hung over his skeletal frame, hiding his body and arms and hooding his face. The feet, protruding beneath the robe, were thrice-toed and clawed. The skin on his hands was that of a snake. Talons extended from his fingers. He pulled his cape further over his face as a shield against the Light, but the brightness still pained him. Seeking relief, he turned toward me. I caught a glimpse of a skullish face within the cowl.

"What are you staring at, Gabriel?" he sneered. "Are you that glad to see me?"

I had no words for this fallen angel. Both what I saw and what I remembered left me speechless. I remembered him before the Rebellion: Poised proudly at the vanguard of our force, wings wide, holding forth a radiant sword, he had inspired us to do the same. Who could refuse him? The sight of his velvet hair and coal-black eyes had far outstripped the beauty of any celestial being.

Any being, of course, except our Creator. No one compared Lucifer to God... except Lucifer. How he came to think he was worthy of the same worship as God, only God knows. All I knew was that I had not seen Satan since the Rebellion. And what I now saw repulsed me.

I searched for just a hint of his former splendor but saw none.

[Come along as author Max Lucado takes us on a journey into his imagination- pulling back the curtain as we see what MIGHT have taken place one Cosmic Christmas.]

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Anonymous said...

How awesome, i'm definitely gonna search out that book, it has me intrigued, here i am attempting to study, and you distract me long enough to leave me in the dust haha. so tricky! Quite honestly i've never even thought into the christmas story that much.Always took it as it came. But that definitely livens it up, not that it isn't already an amazingly exceptional story! I guess looking at it that way just puts you in their with those wisemen and shepherds, as if you were mary's friend, or joseph's cousin, makes you think about it alot more. How awesome it would've been to be there! wow...well i'm gettin more and more excited about christmas, especially now that i know you'll be comin home, the whole fam woohoo! haha at least for a lil while. well i luv ya!

Robin said...

just for general info i think that book is now being published under the title "an angel's story." i thought i would let you all know in case you went in search of it....hopefully that will make the venture a little less expensive :-)

darker than silence said...

i've long been intrigued in the behind-the-scenes of the Christmas story. Satan was HEAVILY involved that first Christmas. There was a giant war in heaven. Imagine Gladiator or Braveheart times a million and you have a glimpse of it all. But the Christmas story doesn't even start in Matthew; and not even Genesis 1:1, but before that, at John 1:1-4. Christmas is not one event. It is a precious act in a beautiful, glorious story. if you haven't read john eldredge's book EPIC, i suggest you do so. It touches this well.

Cameron Lawrence said...

you know, i think someone gave this to me and i've only just now remembered it. where did i put that...

anyway, thanks for the reminder.