Thursday, December 02, 2004

Not Much To Say

so...I'll just give you a list random thoughts rolling thru Kristi's mind...

  • I have most of my Christmas shopping D.O.N.E. *grin*
  • Trying to decide on a gym to become a member of
  • Hoping to be driving a new car by early next year...wondering which are the best to consider
  • Loving the smell of the "New Fallen Snow" candle on my office candle-warmer (burning is a no-no)
  • Living in a cluttered state of lingering sawdust as we are refinishing the dining room wood floor at the house
  • Realizing Christmas break is only a scant 9 workdays away! I can make it...
  • Wondering what other job-possibilities are out there that I haven't considered, that will bring in the money to cover bills AND give me a new challenge. (Where would God have me be?)
  • Feeling sore from the workout at the gym I tried out last night. ( ya know, the good sore, that reminds you that you DID work out)
  • Trying to make myself believe that my cup of coffee isn't really as weak as it looks and tastes.
  • Looking forward to the OTR christmas show, which I just got my tickets to in the mail yesterday (woot!)
  • Contemplating what must be done to push myself into the next step in my relationship with Christ.
  • Welcoming the ubiquitous Christmas Spirit by putting up my office christmas tree, stockings for each co-worker, and letting festive music flow from my speakers.

4 whatevers:

Joel said...

Hey that's funny you should mention gym memberships. I just happened to be listening to the radio last night to "Clark Howard", who I think is annoying in voice, but brilliant in consumer knowledge. Anyhow, he said that buyers beware with gym memberships. A true, non-fly-by-night, gym will bill you monthly or at most quarterly and that you should never ever give them direct access to your checking account. Any place that wants a lot of money up front or you to sign a contract for an extended period of time can't be trusted.

Good gyms will be interested in keeping you as a valued customer from month to month, a bad one is only interested in signing as many people who probably won't go regularly after the first few months, while they still make the buck cause you have a contract!

Alright...that was really weird..but I just thought that was something to pass along...

Kristi said...

Thanks Joel, very helpful info as I look to get into something this weekend. I had best watch out for those who only offer 3-year contracts! I appreciate it =o)

Grover said...

I bought a Toyota Corolla last October and have been pleased as punch with it ever since. 30k miles later and I have yet to experience even the slightest hiccup from the engine or automatic transmission.

Scott said...

Speaking of random...