Friday, December 10, 2004

Weekend Wanderings

Last night we had some late evening visitors for cheesecake and coffee. Yep. I sure do love drop-in neighbors, something old-worldly about that. Makes me cozy in the front-porch-swing-conversation kinda way. Makes me smile.

Tonight I create a Chanukah cake for my friend's party saturday evening.
Then it's the Crieghton crew's time to Christmasize the crib. Yep, pull out the lights and ornaments, pop some christmas cookies in the oven, and spin the seasonal tunes. I bet y0u'll catch us singin' at the top of our lungs, unashamedly...

Tomorrow night is the event wich makes my December officially feel like Christmas. The Over the Rhine Homecoming concert at the Taft in Cinci. Not only that, but a hometown dinner at our yearly hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant that we were completely blessed to find our first year attending this concert. As Ralph put it best, yes the OTR show we attended a few weeks ago was only the mere 'Ritz cracker.' This weekends show, well, yep, it's like letting us loose on the 'whole buffet.' Hehee.....gotta give it to Ralph ;o) There is just something about closing your eyes and hearing Karin's voice...and Linfords piano...and it's Christmas.

Sunday is our annual Apex Christmas party...always a fun random time...hehee..just gotta be an Apexer to understand :)

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AmyLea said...

Oh that sounds like a GREAT weekend! :-) Love Christmastime...I wish there were this many parties and celebrations all year long! :-)