Saturday, March 05, 2005

Farewell Supertones

The concert last night was definately memorable. *grin*
Why shows these days have resorted to the first HALF of the evening being given to bands that aren't the headliner, bands that I've never heard of- and am not sure I'll be that into....I'm not sure. Needless to say, I spent the first half of the night standing and watching 3 groups I didn't desire to own any music by ;o)

Then the evening changed, Supertones took the stage. They just have a stage presence that I'm guessing comes from years of being on it and the second-nature of talking with a crowd. Whatever it is, I love it.

Mojo started off by informing us they were a horn short....asking if we wanted to go home and call it a night, or go on with the show, 'cuz Ohioans aren't quiters!' Of course we went on....and the fun thing was...everyone ended up SINGING the missing horn parts! Sweet.

A great mix of old and new and obscure tunes, smothered with the ska flavor we all love. As usual at a Supertones concert, they wound down with a worship set that just ushers you into His presence and consumes you. Adoni was graetfully the favorite of choice for an encore. Knowing every word, I sang my heart out...when I opened my eyes I saw the lead singer catch MY eye and head my way with the mic. Immediatly I stopped singing (the shy part in me) when he leaned down to me with the that point Amy gave me a not-so-gentle nudge forward as any good friend would do in such a moment. So there I was, singing a few lyrical lines and everyone in the place hearing my voice. Mojo glanced at his bandmates with a look of satisfaction that a fan remembered these old-school lyrics completely, and continued with the show. Yep, it not?

Sadly, since this IS their farewell tour, we won't be seeing them on stage in the future, so we just soaked it all up. At least we still have their music. And what music it is....solid lyrics that hit you deep if you leet them seep in bast the infectuous sound. Here's a taste:

I wanna do the right thing.
I wanna be the sure shot.
I wanna have my mind straight.
I wanna have my point got.
I wanna be a good man,
I wanna have my act down.
I wanna be the future
and I wanna be right now.

Sometimes I feel
like I can change the world.
But I don't know where to start.
I dig and come up empty,
clutching an empty heart.

I wanna see a life change.
I wanna see a new man.
I wanna fight the good fight.
I wanna take the right stand.
I wanna be like Jesus.
I wanna pour my heart out.
I wanna pick my cross up.
I wanna hear the mob shout.

I'm wide awake
and thinking about the cross,
the Trinity apart.
I dig and come up empty,
clutching an empty heart.
Supertones, Sure Shot

2 whatevers:

AmyLea said...

Oh so glad you came with us; we had a GREAT TIME! :-) and I'm glad that you got the guts up enough to woulda been made if you hadn't. :-) We must do it again....

Scott said...

What a thrill for you! Must have been great.