Monday, April 25, 2005


"Apart from Christ, let nothing dazzle you, Christ must so captivate our souls and fill our spirits that, in contrast, the attractions of the world grow pale and cheap. He must become to us more prcious and dear until He is "altogether lovely". Then will we be constrained by the love of Christ! Then will the mere mention of His name, in favored moments, bring a lump to the throat and weeping to the heart! Then will we feel that holiness is not so difficult after all."

St. Ignatius

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Ian said...

hmm. I'm not sure about that. Is it really a bad thing to be "dazzled" by good things in this world like music and love? Things that God created... Should we try to suppress our natural feelings towards those things so that they're not more powerful than the feelings we have for God? It seems like it'd be better to recognize the beauty in the world and find some other way to help ourselves see God as still better in comparison.

Maybe I'm not really understanding what he's actually suggesting, though.

Kristi said...

Right now, I'm pondering it...mulling it over in my mind. I'm sure we will discuss it in small group tonight. By 'attractions of the world', I took him as meaning the things that SEEM attractive, but should not be to the believer.

Thanks... I always welcome input and viewpoints!

neil said...


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Kelly said...

UMMM...maybe you could update your blog?

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