Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Exit stage left…

This morning I had my ‘exit interview’ at my current job. It’s coming up on 7 years that I have been here, a job at my alma mater that I took right after graduation. If you had told me then that I’d be here this long, I would have thought you were crazy. But God has His purposes. Sometimes we get the awesome privilege of actually seeing the whys and how’s of Him working His perfect will. Other times we do not.

If you have been part of my life over the past 5 years, you are familiar with my answer to ‘How is your job going?’ sounding something like- ‘Well, I am still looking. Keeping my eyes open. Interviewing here and there.’ Etc. For five years. You heard that right.

I was talking to a friend of mine (who is more like a big brother, checking in now and then) on IM the other day, telling him about this new development when he said:

“I'm just really proud of you. I'm even more happy to be able to say I have a friend who has waited on the Lord for good things, and they have come. You are one of the few I know who hasn't given up on God when he's told you to wait.”

That really hit me hard and caused me to contemplate the circumstances God uses in our lives to build character.

Whether I wanted it or not, God has taught me patience…the secret of being content as Paul talks about in Philippians 4 (you should put that to memory). Don’t worry; I’m not saying I am a pro in the patience paradigm…far from it actually. But I have made a step or two in a better understanding of how it looks.

Where am I going now? Well, I’m glad you asked. I have glimpsed the fast-moving fingertips of my I Am. I have seen Him working behind the scenes, unbeknownst to me. It’s too much detail to go into right now, but after what seems like an eternity looking for a job where I feel I have a purpose, a passion, and would meet my needs…God has dropped it into my lap. He is worthy to be praised.

My last 2 weeks are up on May 24, and the next day I will begin my new journey on staff at Apex Community Church. A place that God has used since it’s inception to capture my heart and mirror His heart…in ministry, fellowship, evangelism, and I could go on and on. Could His timing be any more perfect? Obviously not. Through this situation, as well as a few others this year, I have been blown away by the reality of how things really DO work out best if I let Him work them out and I’m not trying to be my pushy human self and cause things to work out MY way in MY time.

Are you seeking, awaiting, yearning, hoping for something? Rest. Trust. And listen. He knows your heart…even better than you claim to. He did create it, after all.

We'll raise our glasses
To puzzle pieces
And the way they fit together
That we never saw 'til now
Here's to questions
That meet their answers
In the bright light of hindsight,
It will all come clear somehow.

Here's to my patchwork world
Piece by piece, became the girl
Who lives just three miles from you...

And all today's uncertainties
And all of my impatience
Will just be flecks of color
In the picture that He's painting.

Hindsight by Tara Leigh Cobble

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Schmanda said...

well said, my friend. well said. ;)

AmyLea said...

I am just so excited for you.... :-)

Abs said...

Its gonna be so much fun having you around at Apex...

Shannon said...

It brings tears to my eyes to see what God has done in His timing. And oh how precious is hindsight eh?
I just think of all the times you asked me, "when do you think...this or that?" "what do you think my future will look like" "Why hasn't God changed this or that..."
Yet, despite not knowing the when, what or why's of our lives, God knew all along, and the pieces couldn't have fit into the puzzle of your life any better than I or you, or anyone could have planned better than the one and only I AM. I hope we can remember...the next time we ask our When, What and Why's....

YAY for the new chapters opening up in your life, and THANKS be to GOD!!!

laura said...

Exciting news! I remember just asking you about your job and getting the "well, I've been looking..." answer. :) I'm so glad for you, girl!

Joel said...

I'm tagging in a little late, but I am so excited for you. The shoes you will be filling are big shoes, but I can't think of someone better suited than you.


FollowJesus said...

I just wandered in and saw your log. Thank you for sharing. It's something I really needed to read at this time.
Thank you and God Bless you.

Mike said...

Wow that is awesome. What staff position are you filling? I have one friend that is always trying to get me to come visit APEX. I am really happy for you.

KT said...

Oh how I so relate to you! It's great to hear how you are taken care of by your Daddy!