Thursday, July 28, 2005


I had lunch today with a friend that used to be a co-worker...with whom I had un-planned weekly picnic lunches with. (unplanned, because she completely hates to technically SCHEDULE things, but if they weren't SCHEDULED she'd look forward to them. SO our weekly lunches went officailly 'unplanned'.) Well, we both no longer work for the same company, big answer to prayer. But it was bittersweet when she left before I, knowing our lunches were coming to an end. Ironically, we now find ourselves working 10 min from each other, and lunches can once again be enjoyed! Doesn't God give good gifts? Ah yes, something I've been reading about in James of late...

Well, venured out to Nothing But Noodles for our mid-day recharge and had a splendid time of catching up and random conversation. We are real with each other. Ask the hard questions with out even a moment's pause. We know each others' tastes and preferences and significant others...pretty well. We understand where each other has been and our pasts have sporadic interminglings that make it easy to not have to explain every detail when we mention something from our yesterdays.

Wow...I didn't mean to go on like that, but it just hit me how thankful I am for friendships like this, and I do have a few of them. We just need to slow down in our lives enough to keep them kindled. Easier said than done? I feel ya.

Thankful for relaxation, complication, hibernation and irrational
Seclusion, confusion, all of my impurity and insecurity
Cause I know it's God just perfecting me
That's why
Today I take life as it comes
-Gratitude, India.Arie

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AmyLea said...

OH man, I love those afternoon lunches with friends. :-) I try to have at least ONE a week, if not more... we should do that sometime too, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristi!
I love the things you share! Miss you!