Monday, August 29, 2005

Funny Face On Three

So, the other night we had a couples night IN. The newly Married Brian and Meredith invited Me, Phil, and Lila as well as Jenn and her soon-to-be fiance (if they aren't already!) over for dinner. It was one of our last salutes to summer, ah yes, Brian lit up the ole grill and had hamburgers and cheese brats. yum! He can grill =o) Not only did the three of us ladies have a great time catching up, the three of the guys had a good time bonding, too. [do guys bond? maybe that's too 'mushy'of a word. either way, they got a chance to chat...] And after Lila overcame her initial shyness, she was the center of attention, making us all laugh. Especially when she called Mr. Brian a 'Big Numberhead' *hahahah* Yeah, don't ask ;o)

As the evening went on, we all were getting a bit goofy, and Meredith pulled out her digital camera. Well, this was an open invitation for us gals to ham it up. We played the game I respectfully call "Funny Face On Three". Tim had the camera, and he'd count to which point us gals had to freeze and make a funny face or pose or something. We got some winner pics, some NON winner pics, and some cute pics. Here is one of our favorites:

Thanks Meredith and Brian for a great evening....and I think you all should give Funny Face On Three a try!

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Scott said...

Hi, Kristi, how are you? This is weird, especially having just seen your post: I ran into a guy at my complex named Mike at the pool while I was there with Jason Honabarger. Mike goes to Apex, and he introduced me to Brian R. who's married to Meredith, which I assume are the Brian and Meredith you mentioned here. They live really close to me. Then Brian asked me where I'm from, and when I told him he remembered that you told him about someone coming from Oklahoma, and that he'd seen my blog, which is funny because hardly anyone at Apex knows about my blog. And he said that Meredith had been trying to get a referral reward because she had told you to recommend Channingway to me! And then I remembered that you'd told me that someone had recommended it to you. Holy cow! That was crazy. What a night. My whole weekend was like that, and it just goes on! God bless ya.

Meredith said...

Hey girl! Thanks for blogging our funny faces! :-) Brian and I had so much fun with you, Phil, and Lila. And of course the soon-to-be engaged, Jenn and Tim....still waiting....It was such a great dynamic having Lila there with us. I have missed having little kids around. She made me want to start using my early childhood degree....okay....well, maybe I wouldn't go THAT far! But she sure is stinkin' cute! It was funny cause she was SOOOO shy when she first walked in the house. Her face was buried in Phil's chest for the first 10 minutes! But, wow, did she do a 180 towards the middle of the night! It was so fun watching your interactions with Lila as well. You will make the best step-mom ever!!! Let's definitely get together and do this again sometime before Jenn and Tim move halfway around the world! :-) Love you!

AmyLea said...

That's cool, Kristi! So glad that you guys had so much fun. :-) It makes me miss my man... and wish we could do that too.... but it's all good. Just a matter of time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Now this is funny ;)