Monday, October 03, 2005


Do you ever just sit back...dumbfounded. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring. What next week holds in store. Contemplating what scene your eyes you'll be taking in a few months from now? I sure do. Sometimes I'm fine with the unknown. But it's those other times, the times when your mind whirls a mile a minute and you feel like you just can't humanly comprehend
Times when worry starts to set in because we cannot fathom an answer to a current dilemma [ that isn't ours to worry about, since He has the answer from the beginning. All that's required of us is trust.]

At those precise moments...almost automatically...these words begin to swirl amongst the concern in my too-small cranium. For I know the plans I have for you... Ok. So that is right, You do. Why am I sitting here trying to figure it out? Oh, because that's part of what being human is about- and that is precisely what trust is. Giving up things which are beyond my understanding. Giving them up to the One who understands all.

As now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow ...

3 whatevers:

Joel said...

thanks Kristi. Good words.

Emily Faith said...

Hey "Big" sis<< don't u hate that? lol always being called Big sis...i would take it offensively so thats y im called "lil" sis lol no ur gr8 i loves ya! hey i miss u so yeah u need to call and talk heehee lyl ~Em~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder....very good. The cake is beautiful too!! Way to go!