Sunday, October 30, 2005


A new journey is begun as of 5:45 this morning...

Well...all my sisters were in town for a CU got over MUCH later Saturday night than expected, so they decided to stay the night instead of leaving late at night. We all watched a movie...and they ended up zonked on the couch by the time it was over. So Phil left without saying goodbye to them. They had to hit the road by 6:30am on Sunday.

[To preface, none of us remembered that it was time-change weekend.]

My cell wakes me up at 4:50, it's Phil asking me if they had left yet. In my groggy state I told him that they had not, and my alarm is set for 6:00am. He said he was coming over to say goodbye and send them on their way. I told him I would unlock the front door so he could come in when he gets here.

Within 10 minutes my sisters were up in my room thinking they had overslept, and I kept telling them it was ONLY 5:00am! They insisted every clock said 6am and asked if there was another clock to they turned on my laptop...and at that point realized the time change. We all wandered back to bed...

I found myself waking up to the smell of coffee...curious I wandered downstairs where I found Phil in the kitchen cleaning up from the night before and making coffee. He asked why everyone wasn't up yet...and I informed him of the time change ;o) We both had a good laugh...and I hopped up on the counter and we drank coffee and chatted. Then he said, "Hold on, I have to do something.." He gets down on one knee and pulls out a wine-colored velvet box.... I had no idea what was going on...totally surprised. He begins to propose...and I tune back in when he says "...and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." His eyes are glistening with tears and he opens the box. Wow...I was completely taken back...he did such a good job. I gave him the biggest hug ever...and said yes =o) He told me how he wanted to plan something huge and romantic...but he more than anything wanted to surprise me. And he knew I would be on to him if we did something unusual since we are the more laid-back kind. So he thought, we are both morning people...we always do coffee together...and Sunday breakfast has become a tradition....what is more perfect? And having my sisters in town makes it even that much better. Then I ran into the living room to jump on all my sisters yelling "I'm engaged!"

Despite my just-rolled-out-of-bed sisters screamed and gazed and took pictures and we all had a time of celebration. The first Gleason-girl is finally engaged ;o)

my engagement ring!

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camchick said...

YAY!! ;) i just KNEW that was it, as soon as i saw your IM! you'll have to show me in church! i want to see the real thing! :) Congrats, girl!! :) :) what a journey it's been so far, and it only gets better from here!

Anonymous said...

How awesome...i'm soooo glad i was able to be there for guys are gonna have such an awesome life together. i'm also so glad i have such a great example in my big sister =) You waited out God's plan without moping around, you let yourself be used by him in the process and its so amazing and encouraging to see God's plan come together so vividly in someone's life ....i'm soooo proud of you and i'm sooo happy for you....oh yes and i'm sooo excited to have a big dream has come true at last lol. i luv you both!!!!hugs and kisses, leah

KT said...

So where are you going???

Congratulations ; )

Sharon Heldreth said...

My dear sister, Kristi,
I am so rejoicing with you! You saved your heart.....and now we know it was for Phil! I'll join you as you celebrate before the Father with much thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

You know me I need a close up of the ring! I'm so excited for you. He still has not encountered the printy girls. Does he truly realize what he is getting into!
Love you,

Ian said...

Congratulations :)

Scott said...

Congratulations, Kristi. I'm very happy for you!

Nikki Jane said...

Kristi Brooke!!!! I feel like crying..happy tears of course. I am so happy for you!! I'm sitting here reflecting of yesteryears filled w/ Chris Swanson and...well, lets just say others...I'm just SO happy for you, thank you for being an example of patience and for waiting on God's timing...across the miles I love you and wish I could give you a big hug!!! Your "old" bossom buddy...Nikki Jane

Ruth Anna said...

CONGRATULATIONS KRISTI!!!! How very cool - and I love your accounting of it too. I'm sure once my sister talks to Leah I'll hear all about it again. :)
love you, Ruth

Anonymous said...

Kristi, YAY, YAY, YAY!!! How awesome! I'm so happy for you! You guys are the neatest couple and it's exciting to think about how God could and will use you. And, girl, let's talk!!!:) Kara D.

Anonymous said...


So happy for you friend!
So worth waiting for huh?
I am thrilled for you and Phil!
May this be the beginning of many wonderful years full of love and blessings!
Love ya,

AmyLea said...

Girl, I am overjoyed as well. And when I tell people about your story, they just love it even more. So happy for you and Phil... I love you guys!