Wednesday, November 16, 2005

People like that.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

I like people like that.

I admire those people who can admit when a day sucked. I almost want to smile when people say something along those lines because I'm proud of them for not trying to hide it. Because, let's be honest, everyday's not the best. Not that we don't have a hope, but someday's are tough and we are warned through Scripture that those days are going to come.

But sometimes I enjoy going through these "bad days" because it makes me realize how human I am. It makes me realize that my coffee isn't always going to taste the way I want it to and getting ready for the day, I'm not always going to remember to pick up my cleaners, forcing me to wear shorts in a "high of 55" kind of day. But things like that happen. All you can really do is remember that there is so much more to life then spilled orange juice on your T-shirt and a bad test grade.

I just don't want us to get to a point in our lives that we think that we aren't supposed to go through cracks in the sidewalk and pit holes in the road. Everything's not rainbows and Skittles. But that doesn't mean that even in those "bad days" there isn't any good in it. Even if the sun's not shining, your umbrella flips inside out and that special someone just said "I just need some space...". Although pretty tough, or okay, maybe really tough, God is still good. Which I know can sound very "Sunday school-ish", it's true. And He's just as good on the great days we have to the horrible days that He carries us through. It's all in our perspective. We just have to understand that tough times will come, but again, there's a hope bigger then us up above.

So when the girl at Starbucks accidentally spills your coffee, smile and tell her it's alright. When your walking home in the rain with your brand new umbrella, all safe and secure, and then out of nowhere a car hits a puddle and gets you soaked, do yourself a huge favor. Laugh. Laugh it up and enjoy the beauty in God watering the Earth, it's just today He decided to water you too. Smile because books can be replaced, materials bought again at a grocery store, but it's the moment you can't get back. It's the story you can tell others about "that day", and it's your true character that shows when things don't always go as planned. The person who smiles and laughs, even after they told you straight up today "sucked", that's who you want to be best friends with.

At least that's what I think.

Because everyone has "bad days".

How has YOUR perspective been?

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camchick said...

"it's the moment you can't get back....."

WOW.....good thoughts, girl! ;)

Sandre said...

I came across your blog while searching some stuff on the net and I read some of your posts. Really cool blog! Btw my blog is called 'etcetera and the like', that's why I found yours.
I hope you have a good day (or one of those bad ones you described in your post):)