Monday, December 05, 2005

A road not traveled enough….

This weekend my fiancé and I (and my dog, Aspen) loaded in my Cavalier and were Pennsylvania bound. Snowy Pennsylvania. Which was quite fitting, because we were heading to celebrate Christmas early with my family. We donned the scarves, gloves, and hats, popped in the Christmas music (which I have an ungodly amount of) and arrived to many hugs in Erie. (which Phil will never NOT get a kick out of….Erie. Erie Zoo. Erie, as in spookey, lol. He makes himself laugh ;o)

It was a wonderful visit of family bonding with my future-husband and the Gleason Gang. My dad seemed very happy to have a guy in the midst of his 5 daughters [finally]. I was able to model my wedding dress for my sisters (while Phil amused himself with a guitar in my sisters’ room, of course) which brought about the reality of the next 5 months. Everyone is excited….sisters can’t wait to be in the wedding…plans were being asked about…such fun.

It was such a blessing to get to spend time with my 4 sisters….each sooo different and the whole not the same if any of them were missing. They are so precious to me. Each of them in different ways. I need to be better at praying for them, and asking them HOW I can best pray for them. Gals…my apologies..

One other unexpected happening of this weekend is the restoration of 2 friendships. Both of which had fallen out of communication and are now back in working order. Such a sense of relief that I didn’t even know I needed relief of. Restoration is such a touchy thing to approach. One that is almost always stepped around and avoided. One day that ‘whatever-it-was’ that caused things to break down is brought up, talked out, and put behind.

God is continually working. In the background (at least from what I can see with my human eyes) of my life, and how it interweaves with others. I feel so undeserved of His goodness…and wish with all that I am that I could overflow some of His good gifts onto others who are close to me (and going through a difficult time). But His timing IS perfect. And we all must wait on that.

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Anonymous said...

hey tookie, i just wanted to say how much fun i had when you guys came up. i wish we could all be together more often, its just to much fun and i always look forward to it. but yes, distance is a curse. lol. finals week is almost up! yay! christmas will soon be here! bittersweet. and hopefully we can come visit you soon after, when things settle down a bit. I am so excited about your wedding. i'm already praying for a beautiful day. heehee. anywho...i just wanted to let you know how much i luv you, and thank you for being such a great big sister to me. i miss you bunches! luv, Jeah