Tuesday, January 03, 2006

That darned cat....

Hey goes your new year. 2006 is here, full force and ready to roll. Here comes a new year full of very much change....and today was just the beginning.

Woke up at 6am to say goodbye to my roomie who is moving to Africa for 2 years (we all know she won't be back in the states to live...just face is NOT where God is calling her.) I worked all day, then met up with my fiance who had to get his flat tire fixed (they did it for free...yay God!), then back home.

Home is different now...and I look forward to this new phase with excitement! Abi moved in today, this is her first evening as a Creighton Chic....her first night spent in 626. After a nice evening of hanging out with the furry one, Aspen, and couch and tv was time for us to turn our tired selves in. As I am coming up the stairs I hear Abi say, "Kristi, I can't get her out of my room..." 'Her' being Jedi, Amanda 's cat that she got my 2 new roomies to 'watch' while she is out of the country. Abi was definately not comfortable with a cat sleeping with her. And Jedi is not the normal cuddly, love-me kind of cat. I'd say she has multiple personalties.....and her claws. We tried to shoo her...nudge her....coax her....all to no avail. We tried to play her out of the corner, but no. The only response we got was a hiss and a swipe. And yes...a growl. Did you know cat's growl? Scarey. I'm not sure what we did that finally made her jump out of the corner...but when she did it was all systems go to channel her out of the room. Success! Door closed, not soon to be opened- for Abi's sake.

Ahh...yes. Excitement. More to come. But for's time for bed....G'night.

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