Monday, April 03, 2006

To roof....

It's getting so close we can taste it. Home ownership =o) Our first house.

Inspections came back well, but concern was raised about the age of the roof. We had a roofer climb up there and give us his feedback...that being the roof is shot. So we asked him to write up an estimate that we will take to the seller today. The elderly seller swears that the roof is newer...and had lots of life left. Uhh...sorry...nope. We pray he will go down in the price, meeting us halfway in the cost of the roof. We shall see....

If you are interested, here are the pictures we took of the house:

610 Carlisle Ave.

1 whatevers:

Kristi said...

God is SO good...He proves himself over and over again. The seller begrudgingly agreed to pay half of the cost to replace the roof...and wrote the check to the roofing company today!

Heeere we come!