Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Such thoughtful thieves we have these days, don't you think? Why would she say this, you may ask...well, let me explain.

THis pas Sunday afternoon, I exited my Chevy Cavalier, parking it on the street in front of my house. I left he back right door unlocked with the intent of emptying out the large container of Lila's blocks that had been obstructing my reaview. Well, that plan got lost in the flurry of cleaning the house for my family's arrival from Erie, PA. I never made it back down to lock that door...and I do not have a fancy key fob on my 1997 vehicle that locks all the doors at once, from a distance, so locking is more of a hassel.

So we continue to have a wonderful afternoon of lasagna and visiting and walks and strawberryshortcake enjoyed while summer breezes played thru our screens. It was great to have the Gleason Gang (a member of which I will always be. and lucky them, they have gained another guy!) Said our goodbyes early evening, then chilled out and went to bed.

The next morning I awoke as normal as my husband was getting ready for work. He leaves and it's my turn for a shower. I commence with my morning routine, grab the coffee and keys, and off to work. As I reach down to open my car door, it isn't locked. Then I notice my CD's haphazardly scattered about. Then I notice my JVC CD player is gone. Poof. Nothing left but a cracked console and the dangling wires. My stomach wrenched. I've been a vicitim of auto theft. But not only did they not leave much of a mess, not take ANYTHING else in the car or trunk, but they ejected and left my David Crowder CD on the passenger seat! How insane is that!?!?

I do believe this is a reminder to us al that this is the world we live in...and we need to be cautious. But also to remember it's just STUFF. stuff. things.

Be sure your doors are locked.

2 whatevers:

Jeff C. said...

I don't blame them for not taking the David Crowder CDs.

Anonymous said...

i do blame them for not taking the David Crowder CD. They would have appreciated awesome lyrics and sound and returned the goods and repented of their folly!