Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sunshine, here we come...

So, after a few busy, draining, emotionally exhausting weeks as newlyweds....we get to take a little vacation. Thursday we head to Hilton Head. We get to lift off this Dayton ground and fly. To 90 degree temps and beaches. To someone else making our bed. To breezes and tourists and family. Yes, the occasion is my stepsister's wedding. Financially, this obligation could not have come at a worse time...but it's one of those family-things that are a 'must' to keep sanity in the family. However, my good friend Jody reminded me that even though we keep thinking of the financial stretch, the fact that Phil has to take these days un-paid (due to using up all his vacation at the death of his mother), and general reason for going....we were reminded to relax. breathe deep. enjoy. Good friends. Good challenges. Great reminders.

Tonight...I pack =o)
With a lighter heart...

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