Monday, September 25, 2006

Let's Hear it for the Girls!

Since Phil and I have been married in May, we have spent one weekend apart. That weekend was when 2 of his groomsmen took him for a belated trip to Put In Bay. That weekend seemed one that lasted forever without my husband around the house. Aspen and I watched a movie, cuddled on the couch, and I took her for she DEFINITELY benefited. But the sense of someone missing, it was very strong.

Last weekend it was Phil's turn to see how he handled an emptier house. However he had his daughter until Saturday evening, so there was definitely some unavoidable busyness! He also felt the loneliness as I went on a women's retreat.


Women's Retreat. That sounds so OLD sounding, doesn't it. Let's call it a ladies getaway! I'd much prefer that. I mean, I know I'm 30, but I don't have to SOUND like all things I do are 30-somethingish. MI Ladies
6 ladies from our Women's Small Group (that I attended for years before married-life began to conflict) went to a family's trailer/modular home/cottage/getaway on Lake Michigan. The weather forecast was bleak, but our energy and enthusiasm was high. We were ready for a weekend with NO agenda! The trip there which seemed to take eternity ended in pizza, a cozy, welcoming weekend abode, and the company of 5 wonderful, Christ-seeking women. On the pier Posed pictures on the pier. Cooking meals. Laughter. Games. Talking. Encouraging. Beachwalking. Sleeping in. Coffee. Jellybeans. Thanking our Creator. S'mores. All of that made for a perfect, and much-needed break from normalcy for awhile.

On my return home, Meredith's (the other married one on the trip) husband and MY wonderful husband had planned a double-date for us as soon as we got home. That was a nice welcome to a 6-hour drive. And we relaxed and chatted in complete comfort at Olive Garden. Said our goodbyes and back home to catch up with my love. It's a good thing these weekends apart are few, and far-between, because we sure do miss each other! When we were dating, a weekend apart would have been no big deal. How funny it is the way feelings change once you are married and living life together...


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