Thursday, October 19, 2006

Moments that warm the heart

It's about the little things. The random, surprise moments that bring the most contented smile accross my face. The things you don't expect. The moments that you just happen to catch. They fuel your heart and keep you going, even when the day has been filled with struggles.

Things like my husband coming home (arriving the same time as I because he stopped at the store on the way) and handing me a beautiful boquet and proclaiming that he is excited to make us an italian dinner. And wonderful it was (he's a darn good cook! I'm a lucky lady =o)


Then later on in the week... Phil takes a spot on his favorite couch and pulls down his hat, and I know it's time for a nap. So does Aspen. As soon as Phil is situated, she takes her cue and crawls on up for a cozy nap time. Aren't they just so cute?


It's times like these where we know home is HOME. And we turn to God to thank Him for all He has blessed us with.

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Kelly said...

Life is beautiful. Don't you think? Little things that warm the heart and make us smile despite ourselves. Praise the Lord for His indescribable gifts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi,
love ya and miss ya, I know what you mean, it's not the big things that take your breathe away and make you feel all warm inside, it seems like it's the little simple everyday things that give you that feeling of warmth and home. Hopefully see you soon, Kate