Sunday, October 08, 2006

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So there we were, standing in a room talking with Elwood, a Chinese gunslinger and a Cowgirl Barbie about the importance of community and love for other people. No it isn't me talking with my toys again, this is the start of the annual costume party hosted by Lanie, Amy and yours truly Kristi Demeter.

Group Pic

There were some different costumes last night, some real doozies. The first was one that got everybody staring was a walking, talking red chili pepper that turned into a black cat by the end of the night (yeah, I am not sure how that happened either). There were 2 of the most feared Pirates in the past 2 centuries kissing each other (that was Kristi and I ) a talking twinkie (not the one you ate late last night at 3 in the morning either) and some other costumes that were just plain good.

There were awards given out for, what I believe, 4 categories: Scariest, cutest couple, funniest, most close to character (or however you word that to make it sound like the costume actually looks like what it is supposed to be) and the best overall costume. Let me see if I can remember who won...

Ethan walked away with 2 awards: Scariest because he was in womens jeans and truest to form because he was dressed like Woody from Toy Story and looked freakishly like him.


Jacob and Lanie won the cutest couple in there goofy prom outfits and sashes. Even had crowns to boot!


Tracy won as the funniest with her pepper outfit. You would have to see it to understand. No eye holes, no anything. Just a big bundle of pepper goodness!


We won (if you haven’t figured out by now this is Phil not Kristi typing this thing, hence bad grammar and bad jokes) best over all costume with our Pirate outfits. Kind of a shocker because it was a throw together sort of. But all is good.


The party was a success and we had a wicked sweet turn out with the ecclectic ackground Halloween Party Mix (thanks to Kelly and Gtalk). We are hoping to rent out Hara Arena next year to have the biggest bash we can with Alice Cooper playing the show for us! Not really...

AND....Kristi, my lovely wife, made a wonderful cake. This is the blog, now for some picture goodness of the whole ordeal, plus bonus shots of this kick butt cake!!

Candy Corn Cake

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Kelly said...

I LOVE IT! Everyone looks great! The cake is so fun! You must send me the recipe!!! Wish I could have seen you in person. Great blogging, Phil!