Thursday, October 05, 2006


So, the first season I officially became addicted to this show on an island with weird twists. The second season I missed more than half of (begrudgingly) because I was moving and getting married and stuff. Another LOST junkie informed me that I really needed to catch up on season two before season three began, or I'd relly be, uh...lost. [no pun intended]

After many failed attempts to borrow, rent, otherwise see any episodes from season two, I googled it. To my surprise, not only did I stumble upon the site but on that site were FULL EPISODES I could watch for FREE. And, to my saving grace, one of those episodes was titled 'Sneak Peak:A Tale of Survival... Go back to how it all began and get ready for season 3' What a pefect marketing ploy to lure people into this mysterious show. After watching that Sneak Peak, I was more than ready for season 3. Bring it!

I had forgotten one thing about LOST...that I'm always more confused after each episode. They let you in on a little bit of some of the mysteries each week, but for every mystery they shed light on, they introduce 3 more mysteries! Maybe that's part of the draw that keeps me coming back. Who knows. All I know is I'm hooked (and this is the only TV show I watch!)

LOST. Wednesdays. 9:00pm. ABC.

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