Monday, April 02, 2007

High in the low 70's......for today

Today is low 70's and sunny, with a slight breeze. Perfect day for my husband to have taken off work to head to the Cincinnati Reds opening day game and festivities. May he not get sunburned because he remembered to take the suncreen....(fingers crossed).

Thursday and Friday, low 40's and snow? What? Welcome to our Ohio spring weather. Never a dull moment, just always keep the sheets handy to cover up the flowers you planted in your burst of spring engergy when the temp rose above 50 =o) I'll never learn my lesson. Hands digging in soil is just something that calls to me this time of year...

What are things YOU like to do when the sun peeks out more frequently and bare toes are emerging in flip flops....?

3 whatevers:

Anonymous said...

hey there,
Well like you I enjoy wearing flip flops, I also love taking walks to the play ground and swinging on the swings(I'm still a kid at heart)I absolutely love playing soccer in my bare feet, I like to take a good book outside and read in the sun(did that yesterday) and that's all I can think of for now :)

Anonymous said...

that was your dear sister Katie that posted anonymously without saying who it even was...I'm such an idiot ;)

Kelly said...

-Flip flops
-star gazing
-cool nights
-evening bonfires
-smelling like smoke from bonfires when I crawl into bed (nope, I don't shower it off, I like it!)
-blowing bubbles
-pretending I'm a great runner
-taking walks
-just sitting outside
-the desire to eat healthy because of the weather
-windows always open - especially at night
-ultimate frisbee
-running in the rain
-water balloons
-the beach
-what's NOT to love?!?!