Friday, June 08, 2007

Pirates territory...

And today, we are Pittsburgh bound! We've been wanting to take this trip for so long to visit my brother, Shane, who is a Pitt student. He's in for the long-haul, going for anesthesiology. GO SHANE! An opportunity to see life through his eyes...his territory...where he calls home [for now] and the places he likes to go. You become closer to a person when you know their surroundings.Also leavin today from New York is my sister Kelly (with whose surroundings I am very familiar already)...she had planned to meet us there from the beginning.

Little did we know what a great weekend we chose. Because this same weekend, my stepdad and mom will be in Pittsburgh as well! He is attending a dental conference and Mom is along for the ride, so she gets to hang out with us. But the other thing we are very excited about is the LeMont. My stepdad and his family went here a lot for dinners when they were growing up. In fact, my Grandma's cousin used to own it. I don't know if i've ever eaten in a 5-star restaurant before, but it should be an experience. He was excited to make reservations for us all to have dinner together, and we can't wait either =o)

The weekend holds much catching up, wandering around the city, eating yummy food, and sibling bonding. Yay!

Pictures to come....

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