Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day? Thanksgiving? Christmas?

So, yesterday we picked up a new TV Armoire from a Craigs List deal (if you haven't heard of it, it's a great place for DEALS! We have snagged many items this way). It seemed like Christmas as we were setting it up, re-plugging wires, you know all that jazz. We even had a dinner at Mimi's cafe for one of Phil's coworkers who is retiring after 42 years at ONE company. That is unheard of these days.

Then today, we woke up and on the way to Apex, we drove to the clinking of hail-ish rain on our was a breezy chilly day...almost like December, or maybe even Thanksgiving? Either way, it was a change from the fall weather we've had! After breakfast at a new diner in the area (not too high reviews..) we went home and Kelly and I started on the pumpkin pies. Yep, tonight at House Church our dinner theme is Thanksgiving~ and we are on pie duty. So the house is having a wonderful aroma as I type..mmmm....

...and...Phil has put Christmas music in the disk changer. Now I'm really starting to get confused. What time of year IS it? I've been a staunch advocate for NO Christmas tunes until at LEAST after Thanksgiving. Does the fact that we are making pumpkin pies atone for that? I'm not so sure...but on it plays...

Tomorrow, I do not have work, because it is Veteran's day. Oh, what will I do during my day off? Probably laundry, cleaning, meal planning, groceries, and other such household things I do during my 'free time'. So goes the year, flying by as it never has before.

And here I am....trying to enjoy every cozy minute of it =o)

2 whatevers:

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that hail made me want to crawl back into bed instead of head out to church this morning! My lovely place of business usually starts Christmas music the day after Halloween--sure enough this year, the first song I heard on November 1 was Christmas! Where did the year go?

Amber said...

i didn't know you had a blog, i'm glad i found it :) beautiful baking in the pictures. i love to bake! did you take a cake decorating class or are you self-taught? i've been thinking of taking a class on the side, i would love it!