Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lyrics can be a good and timely reminder...

All I Have
by John Reuben

Are you disappointed?
Is this world a let down
With your head in the clouds it’s time to get down
Head on collision crushed by dreams
So we leave our hearts at the accident scene
Shattered pieces scattered
Who told us it was okay to allow our thoughts to be flattered
And entertained with ideas that can’t sustain
And our future once so confidently proclaimed
So where do you go from here when it all disappears
Apathy dries your tears until you don’t care if you live and die
Occupied with disclaimers and reasons as to why
Realize life isn’t lived in fantasies
No matter how much planning or strategy
Joy comes along with tragedy, I own them all gladly

I’m alright I’m okay
I kind of like doing things this way
All I have is what God gives
And that’s all the life that I was meant to live

We’re not taught trial and error
We’re not taught nor are we prepared
So we fail against everyday opponents
All the while we’re still living for glorious moments
And the media feeds the youth a false reality
Of what it takes to make yourself happy
And since they’ve got about a one in a billion shot
Why try and make them think it’s something that it’s not
No this ain’t a movie, this is real life
The spot light don’t shine quite as bright as some might like
But that’s alright cuz the starlight at night
Is more of a highlight than the highlife
The air I consume from the breath of creation
Renews my soul everyday I awake
Ah, man, tell me who knew that simply being content was the dream come true

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