Monday, March 09, 2009

the power

I've been praying my whole life. When I was little, I'd fold my hands politely at the table (trying to squeeze my eyes shut) until I chimed in with a joyful 'Amen!'. I was led in prayer by my Dad when I realized I was a sinner, and needed a Saviour. I cried out in prayer when life as a high-schooler seemed so cruel. I asked for guidance in prayer as I decided to live with my other parent. I joyfully prayed every time I saw someone else accept their eternity with Christ, every time I saw a prayer answered, every time it was answered my way.

But what about those times when it wasn't? What about when I seemed to glimpse NO answer? Silence.

Those are sometimes the hardest. When you are left wondering if you were heard. If you had the wrong 'agenda' in the first place. If you and God were even on the same page.

But lately....I've noticed something. Prayer isn't about the answer. Hardly!It's about so much more! It's act of communication with the Almighty...knowing He is just a word away. Acknowledging my need to include Him in my every breath. Every moment. It's the concept of total trust...despite seeing a positive (or not-positive) result.

It's about the peace.

That is what I am learning. Recently, a few friends have been/are going through some trying situations. And I've noticed them tell me how much peace they have....despite the way things are going. ...without knowing how things will turn out. ....this peace, it passes all understanding. And what do they attribute it to? Prayer. That they can feel people praying. That they know people are, because it's not natural to have this sort of peace in this type of circumstance.

The power of prayer is not necessarily power to change the outcome. But it's definitely power to change the hearts of those involved.

Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart. - Colossians 4:2

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