Friday, April 18, 2003

Down Memory Lane...

Mid-April...usually a little cooler weather. Thinking back to what it always meant to me as a child. Our great American marketeing always seemed to come out with a new way to dip eggs into multicolored messiness that usually resulted in having fingers stained blue, pink, green for days to come. Always meant getting a new dress...usually one that was a little too frilly or a little too pastel. Deciding if mom and dad were going to have us wake up for the SUNRISE service - and if we would hide easter eggs (hopefully not tacky anymore) around the house BEFORE or AFTER church. Coming home and being told to cover our eyes as we search for eggs (always in the same spots) and ultimately, our basket lined with plastic grass and full of calories.

As I moved onto college, I remember always getting a chocolate cross from my Dad. Easter just wasn't Easter until I received that...He still sends me one today. But I just never got past the commercialism of this Holiday. I have gotten past the overpowering santa and presents of Christmas to see the Christ-child. But Easter...I have still not quite more than pastels and chocolates and hopping rodents. It's not that I don't KNOW what Easter's just that it has become so commercialized that the 'holiday-ness' of the season has been separated from the amazing sacrifice and act of a loving God that ultimately saved me from eternity in darkness.

So this year I am trying to HONESTLY focus on the act that changed our destiny, from the first signs of that Cadburry Bunny through the last bit of Easter ham. Trying to not approach my Saviour too casually....and praying that I would not forget to tremble.

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