Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Interesting conversation...

I am sitting at my desk, working on whatever keeps me busy. My cell rings. After fumbling to find it....

Me: Hello.

J: Hey! I have a random question for you. I heard you have a dead bird in your attic. Well, I am wondering...what does it smell like?

Me: Hmm..word travels fast. You're asking me what a DEAD thing smells like?

J: Yeah, does it smell like fish?

Me: *thinking dead BIRD...smells like FISH..hmmmm* To be honest, I haven't been up there to sniff it out yet, but if I catch a whiff of fish, I'll let you know.

J: Thanks....cuz we have a VERY bad, fishy odor at our place. And we've seen birds flying out of our dryer vent. So we are thinking one got caught in there and died. Just curious! Thanks!

Wow...when I thought my day was plugging along in a normal sort of way =o)

Later, on IM...I find that a 3rd party was sitting by J during this whole conversation....laughing and laughing....heheheee. Must have really been interesting to hear THAT back-and-forth...or maybe he just caught the -forth part....

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