Monday, April 14, 2003

Killing time

Do Atomic Fire Balls lose their ...uh...'fire' over time? I guess that's something I ponder as I sit at my desk today, after just popping one into my mouth (that has been in my desk for well over a year now). And the shocking factor is, I haven't had to take it out of my mouth ONCE since I put it in. Usually, it comes out and sets on the wrapper once every 8 sec or so, till the red coating is successfully worn off. But, I digress....

I have these thoughts running through my head today due to the lack of background music filling my office. I am one of those people who sees music as ubiquitous. But today, every internet station I have tried is 'down'....I have played mp3 clips to the point that I am annoyed that the song doesn't continue...and to top it all off, I forgot my CD case today. music to span my 8 hours in suite 212.

Two more hours to go, then I can tune into the radio in my Cavalier....ahh...surround myself with melody.....

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