Friday, May 09, 2003

Call me behind the times, but I am watching X-Men tonight. (Notice there is no 2 behind that) Yep, never saw it, so I couldn't go with the group that just saw the second one....and had to endure the "It was amazing!" comments that ensued. So, I will catch myself up here.

And this weekend we have another cookout, consisting of mostly people who went on our most recent mission trip to Mexico. And you know what the weather is calling for? What it always calls for whenever this particular group of people try to hang out. RAIN. The same weather pattern that has plagued us for the past week, and we haven't floated away yet. Yep....but we do tend to make the best of it. Even if we aren't drinking water from over the border, or squishing a cockroach, or many of those other things we so fondly remember from our jaunt down to Mexico...we tend to have a blast just chilling out. Maybe we'll hop around in the puddles or something, you never can tell.....

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