Friday, June 06, 2003

Take me back...

Today, I had a fluffernutter sandwich for lunch! Yeah it was kinda like this. I remember the gooey stickiness that I enjoyed- not on a regular basis, mind you- as a schoolkid. When mom would pack this delightful treat in my lunch that would cause my tongue to stick to my mouth and beg for a swig of ice cold cafeteria milk. Oh...the memories...

Somehow, it just didn't taste the same. Maybe it was the fact I made it on 12-grain bread instead of white bread. Maybe it's because my now experienced palate has tasted so many other confectionary concotions that it does'nt leave room for the simple taste of a fluffernutter. It could be that things just aren't as good as they used to be. It seems that has come to be true, no matter how much I'd like to deny it.

As I think of examples, I'll post more. In the mean time, what have YOU found to "not be as good as it used to be"

[like this, and this and this, and this.]

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