Monday, July 04, 2005

I do know well...

Life rolls on, sometimes more quickly and busily than you expect. So it's been lately. But life is good. I just walked in the door from an evening with my boy of taking my husky for doggie ice cream at Ritters and then sharing a blanket as July 4th exploded around us and lit up the night sky. As I was driving home with a grin on my face, it all seemed a bit surreal. Randomcolorfulexplosions of light were popping up in front of me on every side of the highway as I rolled along and I found myself thinking of how blessed I truly feel lately. About so many things. I get to wake up and wander into a job I love and have a sense of accomplishing and believing in the things I do. I have a canine companion who wiggles and woo-woo’s every time I come home and can’t wait to give me husky-kisses. I have a family that longs to hear me say that I’m coming home for a visit. I have friends who really want to hear the answer to ‘how’s it going?’ I have roommates with whom I can kick back and ask ‘so what have you been reading in the Word lately?’ and have a great conversation even when we haven’t been around much in the past few weeks to actually HAVE any kind of conversation. I have a godly man who is running after Christ and has captured my heart. All of this and so much, much more. It amazes me every time I see how much God longs to bless His children. I pray that you and I continue to trust Him completely with every aspect of our lives. Including giving up ‘our’ timing, cuz His can’t be beat.

and your face
I do know well
every breath breathes
it's so still
no soul could tell
but one day
like this
the angels fell
and it's never quite what it seems

2 whatevers:

BiggMikeDee said...

Kristi is the coolest... tis all.


Meredith said...

Girl, you so need to write a book already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!