Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another winding road...

Daily life continues to roll along, much like a train along it's rail. A path in which to go, a few bumps along the way, and lots of beautiful scenery to take in. Hardly ever stopping, always rolling towards some destination. But personally, that's how I like it. It seems I function best when things are busy (whether it's the best way to live, some may question, but I've been ok these past 29 years ;o)

Tonight we take Lila fishing. Phil's parents know someone in Xenia who has a pond, so we'll make the trek out there for some laid-back nature moments. Lila is so fun to watch as she takes in each new thing that comes along her way. Should be good times.

Then tomorrow after work Phil and I hit the road to Louisville, KY to visit his sister. His parents will meet us there on Saturday for the weekend. There is a big festival going on that we are going to hit, as well as [hopefully] some of the great coffeehouses Phil says are there. Yep, we are definately a coffee-couple!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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